Help with filenaming pattern

I’m sorry guys, but…

I went through that guide step-by-step until I got to the naming conventions and scripting examples, and it made less and less sense to me with each page. I followed the guide to setting up my options and when it suggested I read that document I read it. When I got confused as heck, I came here and read this thread for 2 hours. When I still had no idea how to do what I wanted, I signed up for an account here and made this request for help.

Why would you assume that someone would just randomly sign up for an account here without trying to figure things out first?

Not to be rude, but I’m kind of off-put by the suggestion to just rtfm. I’m trying. I really am. And I’m fully prepared to admit that I’m just not that bright. But your comment really wasn’t helpful. I know you are very active in this thread, and I don’t begrudge you any respect for your knowledge. But I really need some help understanding the very basic concepts, which don’t seem to be elucidated very clearly or simply in the document you linked to, and that I have tried to read and learn from.

This page helped me a lot though:

And, due to the thorough explanation in simple terms I was able to do what I wanted.

But thanks anyway.

BTW, I use Everything search by VoidTools and never have any trouble finding what I need, whether it starts with “The” or not. I’ve definitely had some moments with “The Butthole Surfers/Butthole Surfers” and “The Misfits/Misfits” where I thought I was going crazy, though.