Help Please

Hello all. Using software for first time. Followed simple instructions on FB. I converted and saved files and now the folder only has album art! Also is there a max file size that it can convert? I tried to convert 100+ Gig file and it crashed on 2 different computers. All files are on a USB storage win 7. Thanks

Some pretty straight forward replies for you (assuming you are talking about Picard, and by ‘convert’ you mean save tags/file name changes) :slight_smile:

  • I would highly recommend to work with a backup of your files first, and make sure you’re happy with the changes/settings. Changes to tags and file names are irreversible.

  • Your saved files have probably been moved somewhere - go to Picard > Options > File Naming, and then check if ‘Move files when saving’ has been checked.

  • Do you mean a single 100 gig file, or 100 gig of files at once? Picard will often look like it’s frozen if you throw too much at it at once. Do sections of your collection at a time (you’ll probably want to do a quick check for matching errors anyway).

Out of curiosity, do you have a link to the FB instructions?