Help needed with The Best of George Harrison album

Help needed with “The Best of George Harrison” CD release

2002 the release was created without cover art
2005 an edit added date “1976-11-08”, country “US”
2017 an edit added front,back, and medium cover art (appears to be UK cover art)
2019 an edit by a different editor added booklet cover art (appears to be US cover art)
2021 I added the following US release with all US cover art

Since tagging has used the old US release it may not be a good idea to convert it to UK.
Best I can think of is to create a UK release based on the UK art work (then put that artwork on it), and merge the two US releases.
I do not believe a made in UK medium would be on a US release back then.

I am not an expert on the Parlophone/Capitol Records releases.


You are more patient than me - creating another UK release and then merging the US ones is great.

Personally when something is a mess like this I am quick to adjust the whole thing to the next best Discogs release/covers I can find. Sorry everyone who tagged with it, but you were already getting the crappiest of data :scream:


If I have better art to hand, and a discID, then I create a GOOD new copy and mark the old one as low quality.

If bored I will then strip down the bad copies and make something good from them. It is common to find confused junk from the pre-NGS era and I am like @aerozol and think fixing the data to something clean is better than leaving a mess.

I tend to take a bias to making use of the best combo of artwork and adjust to fit, but will also check the RG to make sure I am doing something of benefit. It is hard to guess what a tagger was trying to do when adding it to their collection, but improving data is never a bad thing.

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