Help needed for linking AcoustID fingerprints

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On the the release “Propaganda”, tracks 8 and 9 have been inverted, because of erroneous CD Text.

The correct tracks are as so:
#8 Massoud: duration 4’43
#9 Drones: duration 3’05

So, I unlinked the AcoustIDs from these tracks, but I cannot link them back (inverting the links, of course).

Massoud should be linked to e3887fce-ffc3-4df3-ad01-878dd23feba3
Drones should be linked to e9bf08e5-5da0-4326-8bce-4e4233d170da

Help would be greatly appreciated for fixing this :slight_smile:


It seems to have been fixed by @stupidname. Thank you!


I have just encountered a similar issue on album Full Global Racket.

Correct tracks are:
#6 - Be a Victim - 2:14
#7 - No Perfection - 7:43


I fixed that one too, I think. Does it look right now?


The AcoustIDs had been inverted. (that’s the part I don’t know how to fix by myself…)

Be a Victim should have ID f0e2e7f2-4a24-4b50-8f2e-c548c136db1a
No Perfection should have ID 84aaec88-7502-4284-8b47-a58bd3681c4a

edit: mmm I’m confused. Maybe some stale info on the pages. To summarize, the expected tracks are on my post above.


I don’t think they have. the 2:14 track is linked to a 2:14 fingerprint, same as the 7:43 one.

The recording names may not have updated on


Yes, it seems ok.

Apart from the names displayed on the “Linked MusicBrainz recordings” sections on, though they link to the correct tracks. Looks like some stale data. I’m not familiar so I don’t know when (and if) it will get updated. (edit: the names got updated. everything is good now.)

Also, may I ask how I could make such MB-AcoustID links by myself, for future needs?