Help merging two releases

Can someone please merge these two releases


This one is too complicated for me. I can’t get this to work.

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If these are the same, then merge the Release Groups. You link here a Release and a Release group - that is why they cannot merge. Step a level on the first one to the Release Group and then you can merge.

Or if you are trying to merge the six CD version into the 12 CD version, then just make sure you are are RELEASE level on both. :slight_smile:


But… you actually did already queue the merge edit, @Alfg! :grin:

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Sorry, I made a mistake given the wrong URLs.
These releases have to be merged;

and this one

I merged CD 6 to the last mentioned release. Yes, but not the whole releases with 12 CDs and the other one with 7 CDs… This I can’t get to work. :confused: :tired_face:

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I have done the merge, please cancel yours.

I will fix the target track missing artists, later.
Of you can do it, if you like.

Several recordings were used on several tracks of the same release.
This was (hopefully) blocking the merge as a call for a fix.

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@jesus2099 thank you for your help! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: