Help fixing a release with errors


Tracks 10 & 11 of this release are in error.

The Discogs entry for this release shows the tracks as:
10 - Thank You For A Life (3:41)
11 - Final Attraction (2:56)

The MusicBrainz entry has the tracks as:
10 - Thank You (2:56)
11 - Final Attraction (3:46)

Listening to the actual audio confirms that give or take a few seconds the Discogs entry is correct.

When I tried to move and rename the tracks I get a pop up that says “This medium has one or more discids which prevent this information being changed.”

Must I unlink the discid and go ahead with the edit or what should I do?


There’s no need to move the tracks, just fix the title and set the track lengths from the Disc ID.

I did that:


The problem with not moving the track and then renaming it is that the Acoustid will be incorrect for the track.

Another issues is that I have not been able to find out if fixing the track lenght on a release propogates to the recordings. I suspect that the recording lenght is not updated.

I did not know about getting the track lengths from the Disc ID but now I do :slight_smile:



Recordings don’t have their own length, but they use the lengths from associated recordings. Of course that changes when the track length changes.

Tha would only make sense if the track titles had been swapped. But in this case the titles only were a bit incorrect. If the AcoustIds are wrong any way the wrong ones can be disabled.


@Peter_Miller was right IMO.
End result would have been very much cleaner by swapping tracks instead of having those linked/unlinked AcoustIDs now.


The acoustids are definitely wrong. That is how I found out there was an error in the release. The acoustid was correct for the track length, not the track title.