Help!. Finding an album with 10 tracks

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What I am trying to do is quite simple.
Produce a list of all albums that have EXACTLY 10 tracks.

Have tried the online search
I select type RELEASE
and then enter tracks:10

What it gives me is definitely not a list of albums that contain EXACTLY 10 tracks

Is my syntax wrong? or how would I go about producing that list? seems to work for me - Did you enable the Advanced Query Syntax? Without this option enabled, tracks:10 will just do a regular search in the text.


Taking the original question more literally (“album”) the search would be:"Album"&type=release&limit=25&method=advanced

But the result is almost the same.


Thanks very much,. that worked and exactly what I was looking for,
I didnt select the second radio button for advanced search. (slaps head)

A follow up question. Is it possible to export results to to a file.? (csv, etc)

Not directly, as far as I know.

If you have the necessary technical knowledge, you could either write a script to scrape the search API (example query, keep the rate limiting in mind though), or install a local copy of the database and perform the search and export locally.

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I have tried to install the database.

VM box installed fine.
Downloaded the .OVA via torrent and checked it dowloaded ok. It will not import the appliance.
Have downloaded the torrent three time now thinking it was a bad download but same result every time. Have open a support ticket for that.

I am not technical enough to even know how to use the API

The loca database would have been perfect. I have some basic knowledge on how to use SQL.
Not a biggie. I can cut paste from the web search if needs must and try playing with it in excel to make it searchable, but it being pasted as plain txt rather than a csv is going to be a bit of a pig.