Help editing tracklist for an album with a disc id

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hi there,
sorry for what is likely a newbie question!

i am trying to edit the following release:
Functioning on Impatience by Coalesce

It appears that the track titles for tracks 4 & 5 are swapped.
This matches my digital copy (sadly no longer own the disc) and matches the tracklist that is shown on the back of the album present in music brainz.


another (not the best, but anyway) verification…
a quick youtube search gives me this:

which matches my audio for track 5, and confirms the track titles should be swapped.

So, I tried to change it, and I am getting an error that it cannot be changed because there is a disc id associated.

looking there, the times and everything look OK… its not the track times that are wrong or anything…just the names are wrong.

I would guess this information was imported from discogs, as it is also incorrect there.

So, what can I do about this?
thanks, y’all!


I also see that the fingerprints (AcoustID) have same length than tracks.
So you want to swap the titles only:

4 - My Love for Extremes - 3:04.866
5 - On Being a Bastard - 3:39.266

Should become:

4 - On Being a Bastard - 3:04.866
5 - My Love for Extremes - 3:39.266

Is it?

  1. Then just edit the release and in Tracklist tab, copy/paste/swap the texts, don’t try to use the up/down arrows. :slight_smile:
  2. Then in Recordings tab, click Reuse previous recordings and check Copy all track titles to associated recordings.

perfect! thanks, i’ll try that!

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