Hello,i need help sorting my music with scripting.

I have a large music collection with different qualities on my pc. Now I want to sort them so that Picard arranges them for me, for example:
or how it should look from the folders:
Flac/Rock/ACDC/(Album year)-T.N.T(Album) ./16 bits(or 24bits)/1(Nummeric).It’s a Long Way to the Top.flac

I also have Various Artists (sampler or music collection)
which are absolutely correct from the tagging and folder structure which should only end up in, for example, D:\Musik\flac\Various Artists.
I’ve often tried it with the genres, but then musicbrainz always created the music from several directions. I want e.g. everything that has to do with rock, for example, in the Rock folder or hip hop in hip hop.
Is there a way I can organize and sort this with musicbraniz?

Most of the songs are all properly tagged by album, artists, compilation and genre.

I would really appreciate an answer or solution here.

Sorry, my english is not perfect. I tried and use a translator

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