Having a Japanese Artist clean up project

I am looking for potential editers who would be up to possibly up for doing a monthy project like the Classical music people are doing. I was thinking for the Japanese Artist we select artist from the 50s and the 60s and then start making are way up the line to modern artist. The reason why I am asking cause a lot of Enka Artist from japan that are listed on here have many and I mean many duplicate recordings which is why I was thinking of cleaning them up although I am not a big fan of Enka myself however if people are willing to do other artist I was thinking of maybe having a poll of what artist to do each month so that we can get the popular artist out of the way as Musicbrainz is a community site.


IMO there is very little material for one artist in comparison to classical composers whose works are played by so many.
I prefer working alone on such small artists to avoid doing things twice in parallel or even disturb each other sometimes, no? :sweat_smile:


I understand what your saying but would you consider helping a bit get this possible project set up cause your one of the few people I know who likes Japanese music

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I can help. As a sad song lover, I naturally like enka. :wink:
I have already edited/fixed/created some of them but with the small amount of time I have, I mostly work on artists who appear on the releases I do have in hands.

Ok cool cause Enka artist tend to release compilation albums every year but on musicbrainz a majority of them are seperate recordings and not all together like they should be

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I guess this is related to https://musicbrainz.org/tag/likedis%20auto/artist

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Not really cause that looks like groups and what not and not really in mind

So maybe someone of you here could take a look on something I just stumbled uppon?
Seems a locked Bot due to abuse which needs some heavy rework (for style: most uppercase, sortnames)

This bot imported release data from cdjournal, not a bad source but the proof that it is better when manually imported by human.

  • duplicate release groups
  • duplicate recordings
  • live and best as albums
  • karaoke tracks missing from singles

These were the main possible issues in this bot additions.


Not to mention that sometimes it would submit releases with no medium (this was before there was an option to do so manually).


Sorry to make this somewaht dead topic alive but who would be interested now that I have access to the tools that I need to help start the clean up