HANN (一), HANN (Alone) or 한 (一)

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Having trouble with this korean release. Digital and physical covers say “HANN (一)”. However, in Korea the song is credited as “한 (一)” and internationally as “HANN (Alone)”. In the physical release, the back cover and the medium say “한 (一)”, but the CD says “HANN (一)”.

If it helps “HANN” is the romanization of “한”, which means “Alone”, while “一” is chinese for “Single”, which can also be interpreted as “Alone”. What to do with so many different aliases for the same song?

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It’s the booklet. A medium is a CD, an LP, etc.

What does the CD package spines show?

Oh, right. There’s no spine, it’s a cardboard package.

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