Handling Old Tag Versions in Picard


New to Picard, and not an experienced coder, but I’ve written a script or two.

90% of my albums (and the ones I care about most) have been tagged using MediaMonkey and the Discogs tagging plugin. I’ve been running test albums through Picard and my tagging script, and I see some Tags in all lower case. These seem to be from old tag versions.

  1. Most of these tags are duplicates of tags Picard finds, but it reports them as different, and tags the file with them. I don’t know how to address these tags so I can $unset them.

  2. One of the tags is “involved people.” it is a multi-value tag formatted as “;<person,person…>…” I’d like to remap this to “<Performer [role]> ,…” for each entry. If that tag does not already exist. I suspect I’ll need to use some regex to accomplish this, but I’m not good with regex.

I’m not married to having the second one, but it would be nice to have not wasted all that time tagging. I’d like to avoid an external application, because that adds an extra step, and I’m trying to simplify. Especially since I plan to process my entire 100k track library with this.

Any guidance would be helpful, and appreciated.