Handling different versions of songs

I have a different versions of same song (Unplugged, same song sung by another singer,different language etc). So how do you handle naming convention for it ?

My current way is

$IF2(%album%, %artist%) - %title%

Also, currently I manually add (Unplugged) to the songs but how should I accommodate different languages of same songs ?

My current plan is to add a new tag called releaselanguage and assign to it the original language and the new way becomes
$if2(%album%,%artist%) - %title% $if($ne(%releaselanguage%,%language%),[%language%])

Would love to hear how guys handle such things

I suppose it is about file naming scripts, isn’t it?
I keep all releases and even versions of releases in separate folders. Maybe I would try to disambiguate track titles instead.
But generally: If there is no information on MB I take the desired string from the comment (which I keep) and get it with $rsearch(). So I have to add it only once.


fetches what is written between { and } in the comment. You have to take care that there are no other curved brackets in the comment string or choose another separator.

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I store everything by album, with track number, so there’s no need to deal with file duplicates of the same name.

If I had to I would fetch the disambiguation, and add disambiguations to MusicBrainz as I go :slight_smile:


Just like the above people, disambigs copied to (brackets) in the tags.

Picard lets you turn scripts on and off. I have various small scripts stored that I will toggle on when I know I have multiple copies of an album. Or just manually over-ride the name Picard is about to add.

Same on the tracks. If I need something to stand out, a manual tweak of a tag is simple.

If I do this kind of manual change, I then set the files to Read Only in the OS so I don’t accidentally rename them on a Picard refresh another day.

As the media centre I use allows me to search for tracks, I do understand your need to separate different versions.