Handling differences between a vinyl sleeve and the vinyl label

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Hi all,

When song names are spelt differently on a sleeve than the label on the actual vinyl, which takes precedence?


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If possible, try to find another official source for the name, like a band or label website. If all you’ve got is the record, then I’d go with the sleeve for now. I’ve seen it go either way, but I have the impression that the band or label would spend more time on the sleeve than the label.


My understanding is that, if both spellings are correct, then the sleeve tracklist would take precedence over what is on the medium (vinyl).

If one spelling is incorrect then I’d go with the correct spelling and add an annotation that there was a conflict and also make an alias for the track? and recording that had a corrected name. The alias would show the incorrect spelling.


If they are spelled differently, there are 3 cases:

  • both are equally correct spelling, choose whichever you want, the one occurring more often, the one on the sleeve, or whatever fits better for you and add a note (annotation and/or edit note) about it.
  • if only one is correct, choose the correct one, and add a note about it.
  • if both are incorrect spelling, use correct spelling, and add a note about it.

In doubt, ask here or on IRC.
In all cases, use annotation and/or edit note.

It’s much better to discuss about real cases, links to releases and/or cover art images might help.