Guidelines: Performer in title for french "Intégrale"

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I removed the artist name from one compilation based on current the guidelines as there is a part speaking about the performer in titles (added in April 2018):

Performers in titles

Release and release group titles shouldn’t generally contain performers unless they are clearly part of the title (either the performer includes it when mentioning the album, or the title seems “unfinished” without the performer name).

Then one editor raised fair concerns about the use of “Intégrale” which seems “Unfinished” to him >

Digging a bit (copying my researchs below) it raises the below questions:
a) Do we accept to use “Intégrale” without any article (apply to case 3 and 4) (ex:
b) Do we consider Titles finished when used without any complement (apply to case 2 and 4) (ex:
c) Do we consider Titles finished if the complement is not an artist name? (apply to 5) (ex:

What s your view on those different cases?

adding @reosarevok as part of guidelines (sorry french case)

Personally I tend to agree on all as it seems accepted in musical industry and makes edits more simple but that s just my taste.
Depending of other users use, concensus may not be found, so there is also be the possibility to normalize only Release Group names (ex: Adding the artists names at release level only in order to have a “As cover” version and a “Normalized” one)


Based on those we could say that:

  1. In proper french it should be used as an adjective only: So “L’Édition intégrale” is acceptable ex:
  2. It can be used as a noun if there is an article. So “L’Intégrale” is acceptable ex:
  3. It seems not proper french to use it as a noun without an article. So “Intégrale” is discutable ex: (Proper french should be L’Intégrale)
  4. It seems not proper french to use it as a noun without an article even there is a complement. So “Intégrale XXX” is discutable ex: (proper French should be L’Intégrale d’IAM or IAM : L’Intégrale)
  5. Guidelines recommend not to use performer names in Title except artist intent or unfinished titles.

First, thanks to @ulugabi for the extensive research. Just a few preliminary remarks for now before lookin at it in detail.

I think we agree that we should mainly follow what’s on the cover art (including the spine). Seen all the existing inconsistencies, notably for the many “Intégrales” from Frémeaux a consensus and a guideline on how to treat these would be helpful.

Language: We should concentrate on the Noun, leaving aside the adjective which is irrelevant in our context. I disagree with the conclusions of ulugabi. “Intégrale” and L’Intégrale" (with or without the article, with or without a complement) are extensively used in real life and can not be dismissed as “not proper french”.

Using it as a noun is proper french and is defined (by Larousse and other dictionaries) as “Œuvre complète d’un écrivain, d’un musicien : L’intégrale des cantates de Bach“ [Complete Works of a writer, a musician: The complete Bach cantatas]. “Intégrale”, like “The complete …” is unfinished without a complement. And sounds unfinished also if the complement is just a range of years (“The complete 1944–1947”. e.g. should be changed IMO to “The complete recordings 1944–1947” or The complete Sarah Vaughan 1944–1947" according to our guidelines for unfinished titles.

For the Intégrale Django Reinhardt, titled in English and French, the correct title, based on cover art and common sense (and our generally accepted Style principles), can only be “Intégrale Django Reinhardt /The complete Django Reinhardt”


I don’t really agree that:

To me it sounds better as Intégrale or Intégrale 1977-2021 than Intégrale John.
To me it’s Intégrale John that sounds most weird.

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