Guidance needed to open downloaded MB database files

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I need assistance on how to open and manage database files once downloaded. So far I can unzip the files and I know the file extensions must be changed.

I need to know:

  1. What file extensions do you use? (.xml, csv)
  2. What software do you use to view and edit these files?

Thanks in advance.

The database downloads are there for creating your own mirror of the musicbrainz database.
They are designed to populate a postgres database and from there you can query the data.
There are a few options with this and the recommended approach would be to start with the vm.

The dump files contain tab separated files.


Thank you. My website is PHP. I’m a novice at this sort of thing. I did read something about a mirror database.

So will I have to query the database from the PHP pages?

What are you trying to do?
Musicbrainz has a public api so I would suggest you look at that first.
There are some rate limits and you do need to include a unique user agent string so we know who to contact.

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My goal is to display artist name, release, album, cover art, tracklisting etc on my webpages.

I can populate my site using CSV files.If API would be more efficient then I’ll definitely take a look.

What are the rate limits?

1 request a second on average

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Thank you for your help

An alternative that does to some degree allow you to just open a file are the JSON data dumps. They’e also huge though, so the API might be easier anyway, but it depends on your preferences :slight_smile:

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