Guess feat. artists from track titles

The weirdest thing just happened… I was updating the tracklist of a release I just entered, because I didn’t notice one of the track titles had a “blah feat. artist1 and artist2”, so I hit “Guess feat. artists from track titles”, and it correctly parsed the artist names out of the title, and added them, and I linked them to the correct artist MBIDs, and then on the next screen (recordings), I clicked the box to update the recording title and artists… but I didn’t scroll all the way down the list (It’s a 40 track compilation I’ve already spent three hours editing, and I’m so tired…) So, I saved the edit… and everything looked good…

But then after I look at the refreshed Overview, I discover that the tracks named “title (artist3 remix)” have all had the “(artist3 remix)” part removed from the “title” string… and the remix artist added to the artist… but with nothing “” (empty sting) between the original track artist name, and the remixer artist name… WHO IS CREDTED AS “artist3 remix”, not just the artists name.

(I had already added remix relationships to each of the recordings previously, so that’s where I guess it found the right MBIDs and stuff…)

The “remixer” relationship link still exists on the recordings… but the artist credit is now updated to “artist1artist3 remix”

I haven’t been editing anything for a few months, so I don’t know if this is a new change/feature to the MusicBrainz server… or a weird bug… I searched the ticket issues and didn’t find anything relevant…

Is this a new “style” for crediting remixers? Is the remix artist now supposed to go with the other artist(s) on the recording?

If it is… the “Guess feat. artists” thing is still doing it wrong.

that is really weird…

I took a look at the release in question, and I don’t see why it would have done that offhand… the fact that it didn’t do it with all the remixes on the compilation (namely tracks 14, 23, 27, and 28) makes me think the remix relationships likely aren’t the cause.

I can confirm, however, that this is not a new style for crediting remixers. at least, not as far as I’ve heard.

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Yeah that IS in fact the release in question. I just manually put the remix artist named back into the titles… and yeah, it IS weird that it was only those three track and not the other… AND also… when I had done the previous edit… I didn’t actually see any updates to those recordings on the recordings (tab) list. I only saw the one “feat.” track which I was intending to edit. (Admittedly I’m really tired right now, and maybe I missed the three other edits, but… I can definitely notice the three recording when I just did the manual undo edit.)

The only other action involved with all this was clicking “Reuse Previous Recordings” on the recordings tab, after modifying the tracklist (on the previous tab)

The exact edit of weirdness:

This is 100% reproducible…

I just clicked “Edit” on this release, again, went to “Tracklist”, clicked “Guess feat. artists …” and it, once again, moved the “(Artist remix)” from the title into a second artist on the track.

The Recordings tab prompts with “Reuse previous recordings”, and clicking on that does reattach the previous recordings with the two “Update the recording title stuff to match etc.” check boxes…
(So, I guess I just didn’t notice last time I did this, ZZzzz…)

Anyway, If MusicBrainz is supposed to be doing this, it’s making a mess of the artist “Credited As” string, and there’s no join string between the old and new artist links on the recording… and in the tracklist.

(Is MusicBrainz supposed to be doing this now?)

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I just tried, and I get the same result. I do have userscripts installed, but disabled TamperMonkey before attempting.

(for bugfixing purposes, I’m on Windows 11, Chrome Version 97.0.4692.99)

no, I don’t think MusicBrainz is supposed to be doing this. you can put in a bug ticket here.

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This may be the same bug that I submitted here:


For next time you want to fix just one track anyway you can use the per track ft. button.