GSoC proposal

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Hi MetaBrainz,

Name: Shreyash Lata

College: Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology, Management and Gramothan.


Telephone: 9511507720

Instant Messaging: 9511507720

Country of Residence: India

Timezone: IST (GMT + 0530)

Primary Language: English

I am a second-year BTech student in SKIT, Jaipur.

Great to hear that MetaBrainz is participating in GSoC 2020. I would like to contribute to a problem mentioned on your website “Embed documentation into the MusicBrainz website” for MusicBrainz. I have started learning User Interface Documentation, JavaScript and SQL because of my interest and growing my knowledge on the topic. As I am interested in contributing to this project. I will be glad if you assign me a mentor with whom I can proceed to work further, also assign me an issue regarding the project . So that I can learn more and more and can contribute to the project and put my best effort.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Hi @leoshrey, Welcome to the community. I would advise you to start browsing the docs for the MusicBrainz. You’ll probably need to set up a MusicBrainz server instance locally so you could begin with that. I advise you to lurk in the IRC and get in touch with @yvanzo , @reosarevok or @bitmap.

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Also, you probably do not want to leave your personal contact information out here publicly.

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