GSOC proposal review! Implement a new interesting feature for BookBrainz ;D

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Hello There! Hope this post finds everyone in the best of their health.
I am Devarshi Goswami. A prospective GSOC candidate with an amazing Idea that needs review.
I know I’m very late, I didn’t have access to good internet because of the corona situation.

The link I’ve attached takes you to the document that contains my proposal.

And I hope I can work with the community as well :slight_smile:

I know this might be a tad crude because I could not spend much time on it, but I believe given the opportunity and apt feedback, I will work harder than anyone to achieve the milestones.

@mr_monkey please give me some feedback to make the proposal a little more rock solid

Hi @devarshigoswami!

It looks to me like you copy-pasted a proposal for OpenLibrary, based on these two facts:

  1. If you had done your research, you would know there is currently no book summary or cover to base your work on as you suggest
  2. In your proposal I read > Since OL is planning to start marketing operations soon,…

If I am wrong in my assumption, please accept my apologies !
If I am correct, well, I think that’s just lazy :slight_smile:

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