GitHub "mbspotify" - what is this?

I’m writing an app that will need integration with Spotify and MusicBrainz databases, and I’ve come across this GitHub repo from MetaBrainz that claims to facilitate linking between the two. It says that it “aims to provide mapping between MusicBrainz Identifiers and Spotify URIs”, which sounds excellent, but I can’t find where these mappings actually exist in the MusicBrainz database. Would these just be in the “External Links” section, like on this artist page? Or is there an actual Spotify ID field somewhere in the database that I’m not seeing?

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We have an outdated dump here:

This data is being gathered by CritiqueBrainz, which is wholly underutilized, so I dont expect many additions to the file since the last dump. Eventually the mbspotify project will be replaced with data we harvest from ListenBrainz, but we have no concrete timeline for when that will be.


I’m looking forward to that ListenBrainz data being available, but this is a good start for the time being. Thank you!

Just looking for some Spotify stuff and came across this again and realised I never replied, so might not be of interest still, but…

These links are added by users and should thus in most cases actually be confirmed by a human. This doesn’t make the data infallible, but the accuracy should generally be higher than what “mbspotify” provides… the downside is that this is human labour, so the amount of links between MBIDs and Spotify IDs will be much higher in “mbspotify”(/ListenBrainz’ future matching).

So depending on your needs/wants, you might want to use just one or both of the sources. And yes, on the “pure” MusicBrainz side of things, the Spotify IDs are saved as regular URL relationships, so you will need to look for and match against those.

As an example, this below code looks up MusicBrainz Artist identifiers based on Spotify Artist IDs/URLs:

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