Ghost "edit" swapping Release Group secondary types into alphabetic order

There is an odd new “feature” when editing Release Groups.

As noted in that edit, I was doing a separate edit to add items into an “Includes” relationship. Those edits went through without hiccups. ( to )

BUT when I looked back at my list of open edits I find an edit I did not actually do. I didn’t touch the Secondary Types, but now there is an Open edit which is flipping the order of Secondary Types.

The edit is changing from “Compilation + Audio Drama” to “Audio Drama + Compilation”. And it thinks it needs votes. But nothing has actually changed.

Weird. Never seen that happen before. Maybe something crept in on one of the last databse updates?

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It is a bug. Forwarded to

P.S. See also how to report an issue, thanks.


I did realise it was a bug. Or “undocumented feature”. That’s why I thought I’d share with ya.

Sorry I won’t be setting up a TicketBrainz account. Personal reasons. I spend too much time here as it is :crazy_face: I can’t get drawn into the rabbit hole of testing as well. I came here for the music side to get away from the IT day job :joy:.


It’s a bit unfortunate, because you spend so much time here already. The forums are all nice and shiny for discussing things, but eventually any bug or feature idea should end up in the ticket system. E.g. for Picard I regularly look through the tickets, including older ones. But a feature request buried deep in a half year old, 40 posts long forums discussion is realistically gone for good.


Think I have probably solved the reason for this old “Undocumented Feature”. I notice it only happens on “Compilation + Audio Drama”. And I know the ones I was editing were old and were initially flagged “Radio Plays”.

The day you guys gave us a “Radio Play” type different to “Audiobook”, it began with “R”. And I rushed out and changed lots of items I was editing at the time.

Then it got renamed from “Radio Play” to “Audio Drama” a few months later. Which is now causing this Alpha-Sort shuffle. I have never seen the shuffle of anything but this pair of types.

So it probably makes sense to just close the ticket. By the time resources get allocated to look at it I doubt there will be many examples left to find that can trigger it.

I can’t remember the dates when “Radio Play” came in, and then later were changed to “Audio Drama”, but compared with the life time of a ticket it is a very short window and I doubt there are many left out there to find. (Well, apart from the two I located this week:


Funny timing of your edit @chaban - I have been editing The Goons tonight and got another flip of Compilation and Audio Drama ordering. But again it is a Radio Drama \ Audio Drama change from a previous edit of mine.

Notice both of your examples are alpha sorting. Live + Spokenword and Remix + Soundtrack.

This is a bit like in the latest versions of Picard as that also pointlessly alpha sorts data? Did someone run round and “fix” things for their OCD without checking as to the knock-on effects? These edits plainly don’t make ANY sense as surely type data is just data flags and there should be no “order” to these?

Now that just doesn’t make ANY sense. Look at the Edit History of the first link.

So why is that even swapping around? It was only 2017 it was swapped from Live to Live + Spokenword. So why is that kicking up an edit now?

This is a bug. This data should NOT be trying to “fix” an order.

The second one was 2012 -

But still NOT something that should be causing an edit. Alpha Sorts should NOT be relevant here.