Getting more info through Picard

I know there were some plugins, like an old plugin, that could get things like artist location (assuming tags were correct). Is there a way to get Area, Founding Area, anything like that, directly through Picard, since it’s available in MB?

With the addition of acousticbrainz data on recording pages, is there any way to get that info? Like key and tempo?

I haven’t tried it, but there is the “AcousticBrainz Tonal-Rhythm” plugin, which from the description sounds like it does just what you want.


That’s a good point, I’d forgotten about that. The location data is my main interest, though.

What level do you want the information?
For each artist we have the born in, died in and area.
For groups we have founded in, dissolved in and area.
Groups have members so do you want to recursively look up all members and get the results?
Musicbrainz stores areas in a tree structure so at what level do you want this information?
Do you care about the city name or do you just want the country?
Should this plugin write a specific tag (is there a proper tag for this?) or should it save to an underscore variable and allow the user to use scripts to write the tag they want.

Writing a plugin should be relatively straight forward, there is an api for looking up an artist to get the areas and to query what areas are inside another area.
Feel free to raise a bug in the plugins to make a suggestion on what the plugin should do.


I mean, I’d be happy to get the finest grain current “area” detail for just that specific artist (by track, though, not album).

MusicBee just added a very free-form hierarchy structure for classifying tags, so whatever tag is in the file, I can recursively filter it by state, region, country, continent, whatever I want. Mirror the area tree from MusicBrainz, if I feel like it. (It’s very open ended, location was just an obvious place to start since it’s easy to build the hierarchy.)

I’ll take your advice on the plugins when I’ve got a longer moment. Thanks!