Getting artist members with relationships- Issue


I am using the following to get to get artist (One Direction) relationships:

The first result is “The X Factor Finalists 2010”
How can i distinguish between member of One Direction and some general saying: “The X Factor Finalists 2010” or “Band Aid 30”


“end_area”: null,
“id”: “1a425bbd-cca4-4b2c-aeb7-71cb176c828a”,
“relations”: [{
“end”: “2010”,
“source-credit”: “”,
“target-credit”: “”,
“direction”: “forward”,
“target-type”: “artist”,
“type-id”: “5be4c609-9afa-4ea0-910b-12ffb71e3821”,
“begin”: “2010”,
“attributes”: [“original”],
“attribute-values”: {

  "artist": {
  	"sort-name": "X Factor Finalists 2010, The",
  	"name": "The X Factor Finalists 2010",
  	"id": "473c8b1c-5865-44c9-9725-56355308dc28",
  	"disambiguation": ""
  "ended": true,
  "type": "member of band"


Comparing the json to how they appear on the relationships tab , it seems that direction: forward indicates a “member of” relationship (this artist is a member of the other) and backward indicates “members” (the other artist is a member of this one).


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Thanks! I assume you mean i should check for “backward”.

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