Get the whole dataset

Hello everybody
First of all , thanks you for this new forum.

My question is may be naive but I would like to know if it’s possible to get the whole database of musicbrainz in common format (csv,json …anyway) ? I would like the whole dataset to do an exercice of big data analysis.

I found this link to download the DB ( but I wondering if it’s really the whole of database because It seems not so big (~5 Giga).


Yes, see

You found the right place. There is a lot of text data one can fit into 2GB compressed :slight_smile:


that’s the answer I was looking for to be sure.

Thank you very much !

Hey Fargo88,

great question!!
Did your project work? I’m currently working on a similar project. For this purpose it is essential to work with a csv file of the database. Is there any way to share your csv file?
Thank you for replying!

have u done ur project? plz share the csv file with me