Get label from recording id

how to get label from recording id?

I get recording id by quering the recording end-point with artist and title, but I need to get also the label name.


Use inc parameter with label-rels (from WS v2 doc).


Thank you for your answer.

Yes, inc=label-rels helped with some recordings, but not all.

From this recording I can’t get any relations.

Do I have to loop through each release and get the first release label?

You will usually not get any label info from recordings, unless the recording has e.g. a published by relationship (and in that case you usually will get the company name, not the label).

What you probably should do is get the label from one of the releases the recording is on. Note that different releases can be by different labels, there is often not exactly one label you can associate a recording with.

That’s because there is no label relationship for this recording, that is, it has incomplete data. By the way, the label for the related release seems to be erroneous (not for release label use!). Unfortunately, there currently are only 120k recording label relationships over 18M recordings.

I don’t recommend it, especially for the above mentioned recording. In some cases it might be correct, in other cases it won’t (compilations, reissues, and so on).