Get all featurings in a collections of releases

Hi all,

I extracted a set of releases of a given genre and timeframe. My aim is now to extract all featurings between artists in these releases.

What I managed to do is to get all recordings of the releases using the tables Medium and Track, then extract all the artist_credits names and keeping only those which have the string ‘feat’ in them. However it does not feel like the best way to do it, since the featuring notation vary, and the artist names as well.

Is there a way of extracting all featurings in a more elegant way ? I searched in the l_artist_recording relationships, to see if a featuring relationship exist for example, but did not find any.


I would ignore the join phrase as there are going to be a few variations such as " feat ", " feat. ", " featuring “, " vs”, " vs. " etc.
Do you want to look for recordings with more than one artist? just look at the artist_count column in artist credit?
If you want to ignore join praises like ", " etc you could look at the length and only include join phrases where length > 2.

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