George Strait Chronicles

I came across this release and am wondering if any George Strait fans out there have this recording and can verify the track listings. The Amazon listing says it’s a repackaging of Greatest Hits, Greatest Hits II and 10 Strait Hits, but the track listing doesn’t match those CDs. The first review says it is a repackaging of 3 other CDs, and it matches those track listings, except for Unwound on CD 1. I can’t find a reliable resource online that puts Unwound as track 1-1 in that collection.

Also, if it turns out the CDs really just are:

“Right Or Wrong” from 1983, 1984’s “Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind” and “Something Special,” from 1985

Is there any point in naming each individual CD of the collection that way (Medium 1: Right or Wrong, etc)? I was planning to merge the recordings of the collection with each of those individual CDs, but Unwound right at the beginning is throwing me off.