Genre vs style

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is there a standard?

Korn (US)
discogs genre=rock (style=nu metal), allmusic=pop/rock (style=alternative metal), lastfm=nu metal, wikipedia genre=nu metal, alternative metal. rateyourmusic genre=nu metal, alternative metal
musicbrainz genre=alternative metal, nu metal, rock,[1 other i believe], some have no genre.

mb, just 1 song was in its own directory, others were in 2 separate directories even though they were from the same album.

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I don’t quite understand your question sorry:

I’m guessing you are talking about tagging your files with Picard? Because you talk about directories on your computer (?)

But with tags/genres are you talking about what’s listed on the Korn page on Musicbrainz?

thanks for reply…

yes tagging. either way the genre’s of the same album are different. shouldnt it be standard across albums and not individual songs??

not just Korn, Creedence Clearwater Revival also lists individual songs that are in the same album as different genres.

those are 2 examples.

If you are trying to move your files into separate folders based MB’s genre tags, I recommend you don’t. Unless you are willing to add your own genre tags to most of your collection by hand. Genre tags are a relatively recent thing and are missing on most entities in MB and many editors haven’t really adjusted to adding genre tags on their own. There is no strict genre/style system like on Discogs.These things are often pretty subjective/fluid, that’s why there is the voting system (at least that’s how I understand it).


thanks, will do. …