Genre Options Errors Frustrating

I’ve tried to figure out a setting to reduce the number of Genre tags. I’ve actually set the option to 1 and 99% use and still Picard returns more genre tags. I am trying to minimize the tags. I like simple … ex Garth Brooks - I want it tagged only as Country yet Picard is forcing extra tags on some tracks. (90s, Olides, Male Vocalist). I’ve edited tags, saved, and then to test run it again and the same extra tags occur. I am using “swift’s” tagger script is that possibly over ruling the option settings?

I suspect you have some additional plugin enabled that is giving you genres. Disable that.

If you use Picard’s built-in Genre function set the number of tags to 1 and don’t enable “Use folksonomy tags as genres” (so you only get actual genre tags and not some other folksonomy tags).

Also if the release is not tagged with genres in Picard no genre will be set and whatever is in your file currently will be kept.

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You were correct the Last.FM plugin was overriding the option settings. I’m 99% certain there is no option for this but I would suggest it would be useful to be able to set preferred genre on an artist. Example: Travis Tritt … set preferred as country. Then the option to choose preferred artist genre to all the misc tags. From quick check after removing last FM, sub genres show up a lot from trac to trac. I was hoping that setting genre to 1 and 95% useage would more or less get generic genre. One obscure country artist had 5 different genres in 11 songs. “Country Rock”, Alternative Country / Alt Country / Indie / Country … just thought it might be useful to some for a function that sets a base genre. I’ll definitely look for ways to set genre across an artist outside of Picard. Thanks for your help