Gatefold and Cardboard covers

I wonder if I’ve set Packaging type correctly. I used Cardboard/Paper Sleeve on all mainly cardboard covers. I thought that Gatefold Covers are more valuable covers. But if it’s only “A cardboard sleeve that folds in halves, thirds, etc.” it will apply even on FKA twigs - MAGDALENE. It’s the cheapest possible way of packaging.
But I’m not certain. There are still more high-quality Gatefolds even with CDs.


Gatefold looks correct.

Only use when it’s a single, non-foldout sleeve (like what is used for a typical vinyl LP).


The pictures do help as a memory jog

Not really about the “quality” of packaging, more about the shape.


Thought I know what a Gatefold Cover would be. I think, I have to rework some of my edits… (Encore Series Covers are Gatefolds too, I suppose)


To me the key is in the word - Gate+Fold. Two parts with a fold in the middle. Swings like a farm gate.

If it can stand up on it’s own, then it is a gatefold.

I have plenty of albums - vinyl and CD - where there is only one disk, but the package is still a gatefold. The Eilish is a good reference as that is a three part gatefold. Cheap cardboard, but more than just a sleeve.

That packaging help page link is available from the Release page when you are editing. Makes it easy to make a quick sanity check on the package type.

And yes, the Encore Series are also Gatefolds. It even says so in the annotation:

Though they are made of cardboard also and farm gates usually do not fold - I’ve got the meaning of the word Gatefold. :wink:

I’ve read it, but thought that’s marketing. No, in this case, to read the Guideline definition would have helped. But it will be no big effort to correct all of these.

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