Front cover is not loaded


although a front cover exists for the following release (album), Picard doesn’t show it:
Release “Ganz oben: Hits MCMXCI - MCMXCVII” by Die Prinzen - Cover Art - MusicBrainz


Picard 2

How can this issue be solved?

With other releases it works fine.

Thank you and best regards

This is a case where the CAA does not return the proper types, the CAA seems to be out of sync with what MusicBrainz itself shows:

I tried to update the type by editing the image, but that does not seem to have helped. We had similar things happening sometimes in the past, e.g.

The workaround for you as a quick fix is either to apply the image manually or temporarily allow all types in your cover art settings.


Thanks for your reply, @outsidecontext!
I’ll wait until your change request is approved and then see if the cover is loaded.