Francesco Tristano - merge entries?

Francesco Tristano (pianist and composer)
Francesco Tristano (house)

While I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Francesco Tristano is actually a common name, or that there’s more than one musician with that name, I notice that there’s only the one Wikipedia-notable musician with that name, and only one in Discogs.

I strongly suspect that all the releases/recordings/works/etc that musicbrainz has under both these entries are actually from the one musician.

Anyone want to comment here before I put in a merge request?

The second Francesco Tristano has only one various artists compilation release with one track, Long Walk which is already credited to the first Tristano. Recordings with the second Tristano have the same names as some recordings from the first Tristano. So yes, it must be the same artist.

Also, his wikipedia entry and official website confirm that he plays both classical and electronic music, and the official site lists releases that are attributed here to one or the other.