Fractional seconds in recording length


I just noticed that recording pages now display fractional seconds, e.g.

It shows the length of 4:12.906 both in the “Appears on releases” list, and in the “Recording information” sidebar. I’ve never seen that before, is this intended?

That comes from DiscIDs. If it is a default, great. But I thought it came from a UserScript.

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Ah, you’re right. I just checked and mb. INLINE STUFF is doing it. It’s not a default.
The script must’ve been updated recently and I didn’t notice.

Looks like this was added in v2021.2.9.

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I think @jesus2099 merged a couple of scripts into one, bringing us more features in one place.

I find it handy for spotting when a track time has been typed, and when it has been added digitally.