Found a bug while adding release with several media

I added this release and based it on an exisiting multi-CD release. However, all discs were presented to me in a collapsed fashion so I only entered “Hybrid SACD” for each medium. Thinking no further, I submitted the release but now there are no tracklists and/or media.

A quick test showed that tracks / media would be added if each medium is expanded before submitting. Not sure why this happens, might be related to this userscript

// ==UserScript==
// @name MusicBrainz: Expand/collapse release groups
// @description See what’s inside a release group without having to follow its URL. Also adds convenient edit links for it.
// @namespace
// @author Michael Wiencek
// @version 2018.2.18.1
// @license GPL
// @downloadURL
// @updateURL


Oooook then, please upvote :slight_smile:

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