Flag for Review

I am guessing there is currently no way to do this, or I just have not found it… but is there a way to flag an entity in the DB for review/correction?


  1. I am editing and see something I know is wrong, but without the correct data handy, I cannot / do not have the time to change it as research is required.
  2. Something looks suspiciously incorrect, but I am not fully sure.

Maybe I could set the same flag, like a request to verify, or a flag to myself to look at it later.


You could just share it here in the forum for people to have a look at.

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you could review the edit history (something I am guilty of not using enough) to see the evidence used to support the edit, you could also use a couple search engines to check the information.

You would be amazed at the different information available from Duckduckgo, Yandex, and Google. And you would be amazed at the information available on fan-based research sites (not Wikia) that places like AllMusic don’t have time to deal with.

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If you want to flag it to yourself, you could create a new personal collection and add it to that. You would then remove it from the collection once you’ve followed up.


Or you could tag it? That seems simplest. I do that a lot if there’s something I need to come back to.


Never thought of using Collections as I do not use them at all. For tags, I use them, but not like that, I missed the section where it described using them for help requests. Thanks to all though, I now have ideas and options, so that is good.

It happens way too often where I go in to make an edit and end up editing nearly a whole artist. Then I need to wait for edits to clear, etc…

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For sure. My intent with this however is more in less structured ways. Like for example, I go in to make one edit to Malia and end up making a large list of edits. What happens to me (with the OCD type thing) is I make an edit and see something, that leads to another, then another, then etc…Now there are 36 open edits, not even looking at the auto-edits.

That example was by me just now. So I would not want to just ask someone to fixup the artist, but I would post were I question a specific release or aspect of it for example.

I agree fully on this statement. I would expand “fan-based” to include pirate sites as well. But you are correct, it is sometimes shocking how detailed releases can be presented on such sites.

“Duckduckgo” – you an Ubuntu user?

I use tags, here’s how I leave reminders:
https://musicbrainz.org/user/aerozol/tags (the ones at the top with underscores)


Neat. Thanks for the example too.

Tagging it is probably the faster approach, but why not to put an annotation on it?

Like: “Something looks suspicious”

This way it would even notify the editor in a way he can understand if he is subscribed to it, and answer/solve it.

Even if you haven’t enough time to check/review the editing history at any time, someone could understand it and do that someday.

If you want to flag it for your own later followup, create a collection and add it there.

If you want to flag it for someone else to look at, you could use a tag - but that would only help if people are looking for that tag. In that sense, perhaps semi-official tags for the editor community might make sense.

If there is an issue with a specific edit or set of edits, leaving notes on those is preferable.

For entire releases full of issues, with no edit in particular to add notes to, you could also set the data quality to Low.

I would not be inclined to use annotations that way. “Something looks suspicious” belongs in a post here.

I would prefer this solution. When not for those, for what else cases should data quality “Low” be used?

And of course annotation

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