Fix release group date discrepancy (2001 vs. 1997)

So I’m on a mass tidy up, and came to this release group

When you add a release to an existing group, it shows the date as the earliest, this is almost always correct as there is an original and then reissues.

However in this case, there was an unofficial release in 1997 and it was officially released in 2001. So when you view the artist page it shows the album as 1997, when to my mind it should be 2001.

What’s the best way (if any / if I should) to fix this ?

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My money is on the Russian date being bogus. There is nothing in any of the edit histories to explain that date. Same with Discogs - they also show the 1997 without explanation.

If this was really “acquired” three years early by the Russian bootlegger there would be an explanation somewhere.

Also look at the Russian label: CD Media - MusicBrainz That cat no is far too high to fit in with other 1997 releases. But weirdly everything on there is set as 1997.

Read at Discogs and the label was created in 1997 ( CD Media Records Label | Releases | Discogs ) and I guess that is where the date is coming from as it shows their company creation date in their logo. Editors have seen that date and set everything to it.

I’d delete the date and leave it blank.


Thanks for the advice (and I hadn’t thought about looking into the label, good tip), another editor has fixed it already