First time help just added a album

just added a album but listed the wong sub category and now when i tried fixing it the change was qued what now can somone please riview it and make sure its proper

BTW: Looks like you did that edit twice:

so you may get some confusing messages about a conflict when it applies.

The Arist from the album above used to be a member of this group how do i assocate her work under her artist page?

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I do have some notes on that release, nothing major, but MB has a few details that are hard to pick up on right away.
Firstly, it can’t be a digital release and a CD release at the same time. If you’re wanting to add a digital release then the type will probably be ‘Digital Download’ - in this case your CDBaby source only has Digital Download available so that would be the way to add it.
Similarly, even if the artist is from the US, digital download is usually [worldwide] for release country, unless it’s set to only be sold in certain countries (eg only available on would probaby be a Japan release). I think CDBaby offers the same products worldwide.
With the label I think it might just be ‘Sulis Minerva Records’, Raleigh Holmes might just be asserting her rights over the release by putting her name in as well, but I’m not 100% sure so it’s fine to just add it as you did/ as CDBaby had it.

Hope that’s all clear enough, feel free to ask any other questions you might have![quote=“MJmusicguy, post:3, topic:187692, full:true”]
The Arist from the album above used to be a member of this group how do i assocate her work under her artist page?

Unfortunately it’s a known issue that MusicBrainz doesn’t display artist associations that well.
The correct relationship has already been set here:

(member of: The Scarlet Furies )
And that’s pretty much all you can do.

You can add credits (eg played x instrument or composed x song) to tracks/ albums by The Scarlet Furies which will add more relationships between them, but they still wont be displayed on Raleigh Holmes’ overview page.

That was the issue I could not find a digital download selection thats why i had to set CD instead is it hidden somewhere im lucky in this case i guess as Raleigh is one of my dearest friends she was the lead vocalist on all SF works so id really like a easy way to set them and Sulis Minerva Records just marks her independent solo work much like the other label marks the SF work
I would kike to proplery list it as a digital release not a cd but i dont know how to fix my mistake?

It is tucked away a little bit, but it’s easy enough, just hit edit and do this:

Perhaps edit the label to be called just ‘Sulis Minerva Records’, but add a disambiguation like ‘personal label of Raleigh Holmes’.
It already has the relationship ‘personal label for: Raleigh Holmes’ which is great.

thanks does all look up to standards now? voting on edits is very annoying when you know the family personally made the entry yourself and only want to make small changes if you’d be so kind as to vote them in that be great

Looks good to me!
Waiting for votes is annoying but unfortunately it’s a necessity. You can edit most entities without needing votes for 1 hour after you’ve created them/ if you spot mistakes quickly.