Find right Album Version automatically

Is there a way to find right Album Version automatically?

I noticed that I have 1 or 2 more or on other Albums less Tracks.
Especially for multi CD Albums exists many versions ( e.g. 10+14,11+13 …)

Im not very clever in programming but I have seen a code somewhere that makes it possible to look if album is complete.
How To look automatically and check If the album is complete - If not try the next Album Version and look again If Album now is complete - and so on.

Any Ideas on that?

Do you have the physical CD you’re trying to match?
One way to check is to perform a CD lookup in Picard and see if the right version comes up. If you don’t find it, you can either submit a Disc ID to a release that matches your copy or add a new release using the Disc ID if you don’t find a match.

No pysical CD

I have 10.000sends titles mixed in albums in different folders etc…

The idea is simply to load them all together and see what will be found.

There I noticed that if I try changing the album version it is possible to get a hit.

But itsfar to much manual work.

Therefore my question

Always use the Cluster then Lookup workflow for such cases. Clustering the files first then using the lookup button in the cluster usually results in the album with the correct number of tracks getting chosen.

If you just use lookup in a bunch of files they will be looked up one by one, and there is no way to determine “the correct album” if only a single file is given.

What I do is drag all folders to the unclustered files area with this settings


Is this wrong?

I wouldn’t recommend this. This uses the audio fingerprinting,which is best used on recordings that are otherwise hard to identify. I would always recommend to first try cluster + lookup, this gives usually best results especially if you tag complete albums and you have someexisting tags that are not completely off.

Analyze works best on standalone recordings and if your existing tags are useless for identifying the song.

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I may be misunderstanding, but I think witzker has 10,000 random music files and is looking for Picard to automatically cluster them into best fit albums.

Yes exactely some are in folders for albums but missing tracks

THX for taking care

There is no one size fits all approach to this. If you have folders with rather complete albums and some existing metadata I would use the cluster + lookup approach in those. For standalone tracks either just lookup or analyze can give better results. Again it depends on the file and existing metadata what to use.

My usual approach to cleaning up large collections is to start with the easy cases first and get to the harder ones later. In the end you likely have some leftover files you probably have to lookup manually.


THX thats a good Start

Is there a way to sort results accoring to matched files

now unsorted:

Not directly, as far as I know. Maybe with a workaround. You could try the plugin “Remove Perfect albums”:

First you can select all, then right mouse click “plugins”>“Save and remove well-identified albums”. When this is done, change the file settings to an temporary directory (“unperfect”?), reload the files into Picard, now save the other ones.

I’m not sure if this will work with completely “untagged” files.

But I want to Sort the Albums according to Matches

All Matched files to 1 Matched file.
Albums with 1 Missing to Albums with only 1 Hit

You could also adjust the options for preferred releases to having albums turned all the way up and everything else all the ways down so it will try to match original albums first.


But still I want to Sort the Albums according to Matches