Filtering events example with advanced search syntax

Now that Allow filtering events seems to be implemented:
Given this event 1966-04-22: Matawan-Keyport Roller Drome, Matawan, NJ, USA which has “Mystic Eyes” as one of the played songs, how would I search with the advanced search syntax so that this event shows up in the results ?
I somehow don’t get it to work :frowning:

Filters are in the event list page, I guess.

I must have been blind all these years … I didn’t even realize that this “Filter” icon exists on the different pages …hahahaha … I always tried searching with the advanced search syntax

Thx for the headsup …new possibilties now (me dancing, laughing, having party)

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these filters are a new thing from what I gather

It’s new for events but not for other types of entities, like request groups and recordings.