Filling in songs in Right Hand column

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Sometimes I have a disc where the little icons wont turn to green rectangles. They remain notes. I notice I can drag the track from the right hand window from the existing folder and put it in the left hand column. What is it I’m doing? And is it good?

The notes mean that there isn’t a file matched to the track on the release.

The left panel is for files that are not matched to tracks on a release. The right panel is for the releases in MusicBrainz. So you’ll want to drag all files from the left panel to the releases on the right panel eventually.

There are a couple of possible reasons why some tracks won’t have a matched file: Maybe the release you have is incomplete of the release loaded in Picard is an edition with more tracks (like bonus tracks). Maybe only some files are matched to the release and the others are still in the left panel or in the right panel under the release as unmatched tracks. Maybe you could post a screenshot of your problem?

@mfmeulenbelt Alright that is making sense. I was having problems with a Sheryl Crow album. It kept giving me 16 tracks. I was sure it was 17 tracks and USA. I was right and wrong. It is 17 tracks, but UK. AlthoughI still get light pink and darker pink stripes across the right side tracks.

Is there a thread somewhere -a legend that cites icons? I did find one that explained the green rectangles vs the green notes, but gold disc and sliver disc and pink stripes, I haven’t found

Gold discs are matched completely: every track has a corresponding file linked to it. Silver discs aren’t matched completely. The asterisk on the gold disc indicates that there are differences between the tags in the files and the tags loaded from MusicBrainz. I think the colours of the rows just indicate how much the metadata of each track differs between the file and the info from MusicBrainz: the darker the colour, the bigger the differences. The colour of the rectangle changes too: it becomes yellower if the differences increase.

Picard’s documentation is a bit basic. @rdswift is working on more detailed documentation, which you can find here.


@mfmeulenbelt I just want to say that @rdswift documentation is just what the doctor ordered. Heaps of information layed out nicely and easy to read. Thanks!


Thanks. It’s still a work in progress so please let me know if you have any suggestions in how the documentation could be improved (or you spot any bugs).