Filling disambiguation field while creating a tracklist


As topic says. Let’s say i’am parsing a tracklist of the following format:

1m01 The Dream|David Buckley (1:43)
1m01B The Masters Opening|David Buckley (1:35)
1m04 The Staff|David Buckley (1:59)
1m06 v33 Boston Bad Boys|David Buckley (3:06)

1m01 - its a track “reel” which used in movie cuesheets. While its not a part of the track name, it could be useful to add it as a track disambiguation field, but so far i cannot see a way to add it automatically and adding it manually for each track would be too much time consuming.

And also a related question - is it possible to mass add disambiguation (the same) for the works?

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I also found it impossibly tedious to add masses of disambiguations. Luckily there’s a great script for it:
Userscript list
What you want is ‘set recording comments for a release’.

Not sure about works sorry :thinking:

Edit: You could also add that reel string to the track number field? If that makes sense for the release/if that’s how they’re meant to be sorted


I was about to say the same thing, lol

I know I have a userscript that batch adds work disambiguations for subworks (parts of another work, i.e. soundtracks), but it does remove any work IDs (ASCAP, BMI, etc., it’s a known bug, not sure if it’s gonna be fixed).

not sure if there’s other userscripts that do something like that…

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Thanks, will try it.

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