File, folder names for voice controlled media player? Tag reading voice controlled player?

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I am looking at the workability of a voice controlled media player.
For a vision impaired, very low tech-skilled person.*

So far reliably playing a song or playlist from a small number of desktop sound file icons, without using the GUI repeatedly, is beyond Windows PC Speech Recognition capabilities.

But maybe Google Home or Amazon Echo will do this. (They are winging their way towards me. If my online retailer can be believed.)

Anyone here using voice control / speech recognition / voice commands to reliably select from large local database of classical music folders and files, with minimal use of GUI?

What app / program / OS / software are you using?
Have you suggestions for folder / file naming structures to be created by Picard?

Anything voice controllable player without much GUI usage that selects media files by tags?

  • This means that command: “Number”, command: “2, OK” and similar will not be suitable.