Fields No Longer Being Populated (Mixer, Composer, Work, etc.)

I have tagged a number of albums over the years with Picard. Retagging them recently has brough about some fields not being populated and since I clear existing tags, they are not saved.

Why were some fields in red below populated in the past and they no longer are now?

What version of Picard are you running?

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Sorry, yes, I just updated to 2.7.1, but I was on 2.6.4 before that. I try to stay on the latest stable within a week of its release.

This album below was originally tagged by Picard in 2017. You can see the tags all no longer present in red.

Looks like you have not enabled “Use release relationships” and “Use track relationships” in options, but had so when you originally tagged the files. See the documentation on how to enable this:


Looks like you are right. I had checked off “use track relationships”. Thanks!


Yes, it’s off by default because it adds quite a lot to the requested data. It’s not ideal, we probably need to investigate this at some point and see if we could enable it by default.


Thanks for the explanation. Not critical fields, but good to know how and why now. I appreciate it!

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