"Featured artist" question

On this release, the back cover, and the track listing on the last page of the booklet, credit the song “She’s Like the Wind” as “Patrick Swayze.” But inside the booklet, in the fine print, it shows “Patrick Swayze (featuring Wendy Fraser).”

Which one should be followed for the recording’s AC?


I’d use the more complete credit, as in booklet, and explain in annotation.


I, apparently along with many editors, was told when I joined that only featured artist listed on the back cover art should be included and NOT those in the booklet. Is this not the case anymore? Over the past several years, it seems more and more editors ignored this. But was it ever even really a rule or just someone’s personal preference that I mistook as a rule? So, lately, after seeing others ignoring this for years and changing my previously added tracks without them, I started going with the booklet, but have gotten a few comments on my edits here and there that only back cover art counts. I wish the guidelines were more clear on this. I personally see no problem with using the booklet as typically it mirrors what is on the digital releases, but I would like the guidelines updated to say this is ok.

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The way I understood things is Reality Rules. Typos appear in booklets and rear covers and if external knowledge can show that there are errors then the database wants accuracy and not a pedantic copy of a typo. Adding details to annotations then explain why there is a difference from the covers. This is especially relevant to a Recording’s AC which will get shared between many tracks.

I have seen some of Discog’s insanity leak over here at times, but thankfully that usually gets over ruled with some common sense.

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