Featured artist discrepancy between MusicBrainz and Picard

If you look at this release you will see that the feat. artists are part of the artist credits.

When I use the green tagger button to load the album into Picard the feat. artists appeas as part of the song name and are not in the artists credits.

Looking at the edit history for this release you can see that the feat. artists were moved from the track titles to the artists credits in 2012 already.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?

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There’s a Picard plugin that moves the featured artist from the artist credits to the track title. You probably have it enabled for some reason. You should be fine after you disable it.

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Thanks, I found the offending plugin and dissabled it.

I had just done an install of the new version of pickard and was fiddling with the plugins. I was actually looking for a plugin that did the opposite, moving feat. artists from the song name to to the artist credits.

There is a plugin to remove featuring from titles, but it doesn’t add the featuring artists to performers. Would be nice to have indeed, but I guess there is not much demand for such a plugin since featuring shouldn’t be part of the title in MB anyway.

If you see this in MusicBrainz, it should be fixed in the database itself :slight_smile: