Feature request: show "member of" and "group members" in the Overview tab of the artists

I think one impediment for the regular internet users to use MusicBrains is the not-so-easy interface.

I would like to suggest adding the “members” and “member of” information in the Overview tab of the artists, because at this moment, that info is presented in the “Relationships” tab. I think it’s not really intuitive for the regular internet user to think about searching for such information in some extra tab. This is basic information and, IMO, it should be included in the overview tab.

For example this artist - https://musicbrainz.org/artist/fa8913e5-b9f0-48a0-ace2-f682a94aa21e/relationships

An artist can’t be part of too many groups, so it would not eat too much space.

A group can have a very large number of members and ex-members, and in that case, the Overview page can show only the first 30 or so.

Thank you


This will likely be changed as part of the UX design, see MBS-9536 - Redesign of “Artist” Overview Page