Feature request: Personalization of the drop-down lists

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When entering data in certain fields, most of the time, I’m entering the same values. For example, when adding a new release, the

  • Language is “Romanian”
  • Script is “Latin”
    Same for artists:
  • Disambiguation is “Romanian manele singer”
  • Area is “Romania”

And then, it is really helpful to suggest those values (the most frequent uses for a certain field) to the user:

  • By allowing the user to customize (add a few elements on top of the list) a drop-down list for each such field
  • By learning the most frequent uses and suggesting them as first options in a drop-down list
  • By allowing the user to define the default values for those fields and fill the fields with those values.


You should not enter a disambiguation when there is no ambiguity.
Inline text search fields like country remember your last 10 results.
Hint: Language and script and other select combos, you can type first letters once they are focused.
For instance I often go to language with tab then type e for English, tab, l for Latin.
When one letter is not enough, I type two or three.

I wouldn’t want my disambiguation box to be auto-filled. But I do often use disambiguation when it isn’t required. But only to denote situations where it may help in the future. Like when there isn’t a large amount of data available about an artist.

At least saying “1980s Nashville guitarist” adds to the identification process when you don’t know information like birth date/place/name and the artist only has writing credit.