Feature request: allow the users to set the real name of an artist in the main tab (Overview - Artist details)

For the regular users, it’s quite cryptic the fact that they can’t simply edit the real name of an artist, in the main window. They actually have to go to the “Aliases” tab and to add a new alias and to set the Type to “Legal name”.

This is very good thinking from the point of the database consistency and maintenance, but in the same time the user interface should be more friendly and to bring the legal name alias (if it exists) to the main window and show it as a simple “Real name” field. When the user finishes editing, the interface can save the real name (if added or changed) as a new alias.

The problem that I see, from a UI standpoint…

It is, for the most part, one UI for everything. That means “legal name” would be available for bands and albums and so on and so forth.
And, let’s face it, most individuals do not need a legal name unless you want to include a middle name or a suffix.

But that’s easy to fix - if it’s a band (group), then disable the “legal name” field (gray it)

By the contrary, a lot of artists use a stage name instead of their real name.

I am going to have to disagree on that one, otherwise I wouldn’t have said it in the first place.

I mean, if this was Wikipedia, and we had a “notability” requirement, then I would agree that most people use fake names. That’s sort of a rule, given that a name can only be owned by one person if you are a member of AFMSAGAFTRA.
But since we are an all inclusive site, trying to be the definitive encyclopedia of all things music, not limiting ourselves to the “big stars”, I don’t think a majority are going to use a name that is different from their real name.

For a feature request, the best is to open a ticket on https://tickets.metabrainz.org/

You will need more details to convince people this is an improvement and will not make the form more confusing:

  • what to display if the artist uses their real name as their “artist name”?
  • what if the artist cannot have a real name (group)?
  • what if the artist has several legal names (maiden name, etc.)
  • what if artists do not want their real name used?
  • what if their real name does not use the latin alphabet?
    and so on.

From a UI standpoint I’m not convinced this would make things simpler:

  • this adds a new different way to modify aliases, but without all options
  • adding one field in the new artist form can make people believe this is required
  • also… why should we care about the artist real name?

I’m interested but I need more details :slight_smile:


It’d be helpful to have the legal name when sorting out the Bobby Smiths, Bob Smiths, and Robert Smiths and so on.

Absolutely, that was a (poor) joke. Note though that sort name must be mandatory and legal name could not be.

-----> the joke

-----> my head