Feature request: allow swapping the Title and the Artist when adding a release

Hello again,
I would like to ask for implementing this feature:

In the track parser, add a checkbox to tell the parser to swap the Artist with the Title of the song. Most of the releases that I got, I already have them in some text files, like this:

  1. Florin Salam & Ionuț Sturzea - Mă gândesc la tine (3:25)
  2. Vali Vijelie & Asu - Milion (4:15)

If not in the track parser, then implement them in the “Tracklist” page - add a button to swap the Artist name with the Title of the song.
IMHO, a simple button like that would be very easy to implement. But in the same time, it would save huge amounts of time, for many users.

Thank you

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It’s not in the track parster, but two buttons to the right of the track parser button. :wink:


@OneMusicDream: Are you looking for this button?


Gosh! Can I delete this thread? Quite embarrassing :smiley:


I don’t think this thread has to be deleted, nor should it embarrass you. It’s easy to overlook some functionality, and others might have the same question and search this forum for it :slight_smile: