Feature request: Add an option to show only the releases for artists, instead of the release groups

When opening an artist link, the default view shows a list of release groups for that artist.
It would be nice to offer an alternative view, where the user can see directly a list with all the releases (CDs) for that artist.
Just like my collection shows a list of CDs, not a list with release groups.

I guess that the vast majority of the release groups contain just one release, so most of the time it’s actually a waste of time to see those release groups.

Interesting, when inspecting a record label, you get a list of the releases from that record label, instead of getting a list of release groups by that record label.
The same view style should be available for the artists too.

The second tab on every artist page after “overview” is called “releases”. I guess that is exactly what you are looking for. But:

That may be true for artists that are not famous, but there are many release groups by famous artists that have 10 or more releases inside (releases in different countries, bonus-track releases, deluxe releases, collectors releases, anniversary releases, …).

PS: There is also the Expand/Collapse Release Groups script. Maybe that is interesting to you?


That’s really nice. I haven’t noticed it, sorry.
But it would be even better if the user can set it as the default view (instead of Overview).
All the artist entries that I’m viewing (Romanian artists) only have releases and never have release groups. In such cases, landing by default on a list of release groups is quite annoying.